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Anonymous asked: What's your gymblog

olympicfangirling, but gosh, i haven’t posted there in a while!

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love her

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Omg chill

this is some airbending shit right here


Shao Lin soccer!

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I was proud of the simple fact that I somehow avoided a major embarrassment in this moment.

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a guide for people who can’t tell the 90s from the early 2000s apart

  • if people are dressed in neon, it’s the 90simage
  • if people are dressed in space age metallics, it’s the 2000simage

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"here you are, taking care of yourself, running your own business. being stellar."

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taylor swift is like that aunt that tries to be “hip” with the young’ns and “with the times” and then asks you what does bae stand for and after you tell her she starts calling everything bae even the lamp next to the couch


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He messaged me with “DAT ass needs to be smacked” and when I got on him he just did this. He lost me.

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what the fuck




D.I.Y. Pest Control

Pests can overrun your home in no time. Follow these home remedies to eliminate pest problems from your house and garden.

karina are you trying to tell me something

omg. doni and i will need this as we are basically two giant children playing house.

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Some harsh but very very true words

When people let me review their portfolios (on career day or open days at my game design school) I explicitly ban them from commenting during the review… …because otherwise they will follow the impulse to downplay everything I see in an attempt at being humble.

"this is an old image…"

"I’m not happy with that one…"

"this is just a sketch…"

"I did this really quickly…"

"there is better stuff on later pages…"

It’s totally understandable to have those impulses. The quality of art is not empirical data and therefore impossible to measure. Good art, bad art, it all comes down to standards. And you don’t want to come off as naive or self-absorbed.

But just don’t do it. Don’t talk yourself down in front of others. In the best case you have someone supportive who now thinks “damn, this person needs to be prepped up all the time. Do I really want to work with somebody like that” or in worst case “now that you say it, yeah, this is kinda lame/rushed/unfinished/lazy, go away.”

You can only submit what you have. If that is not enough, then it’s not enough. Your attitude will not change that. But if it is enough, you can do serious harm by not being confident of who you are now.

This means appreciating what you are able to do right now and have a clear vision of what you want to learn, be confident that you will learn it in time. 

Be proud.

This is really important.  Eliminate this urge.  Eliminate it professionally, when having contact with people in a position to buy your work.  Eliminate it socially, when you just share your work for fun.  Destroy this urge as thoroughly as you possibly can.

Because when you have done that, you’ll find that you feel at least 25% less shitty about your own work.  You lose the urge to do it.  You stop reinforcing those negative thoughts, and they retreat.  They may never go away completely (although they might!) but this is good practice for ignoring those thoughts flat-out.

Don’t shit-talk yourself.  Even if you can’t be SO PROUD, don’t ever try to influence anyone’s opinion toward your work in the negative.

Try to love your work.  Try to see what you learned from each piece, even if it’s a failure.  If you feel that you learned nothing, appreciate the fact that just spending time on it is honing your skills and giving you valuable practice.

i used to be super not-confident in my own work.  When I stopped pointing out the flaws in my own stuff, I felt better about it almost immediately.

I need to work on this

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franalbini asked: Hello! It was nice to find your tumblr. Since the start of this year I'm gradually losing my vision, but no doctor knows the reason yet. Well, I know you must have been asked about this tons of times, but what caused your impairment? And what course are you taking on university?



No doctor was able to diagnose me for ten years of my life. I have a disease called Stargardt’s disease. It’s pretty uncommon (1 in 10,000 Americans have it) and hard to diagnose. It’s a form of macular degeneration that appears in young children which is quite rare.

There is so little help for people without a diagnosis and that can be extremely difficult when young. I had to live like a sighted person for so many years and was expected to do so much that I couldn’t do.

If you (or anyone on here) ever have any worries about going blind with or without a diagnosis please message me and I can privately or publicly answer any questions you have. It’s a difficult thing to live through and I wish that I had more support even now.

Also I study Film at UC Santa Cruz. So there you go, I’m loosing my eyesight and I’m still getting A’s in all of my film production classes (making movies is my concentration in my major and also my favorite thing in the world). I love making films so much and though people have told me it’s not the best choice for me, all the support and respect for my art was what really stuck.

Just because we can’t see doesn’t mean we can’t thrive. I’d love to hear more of your accounts of going blind. If you send me stories I’ll post them here on the blog.

My fairy goddaughter Sky. Who is amazing.